The Supreme Court

Fall, 2006

Certiorari Assignment Grading Form

(Specific comments are written on the petition itself. This is intended as a general evaluation of the petition.)

Name of Student _____________________________


I. Substance of Argument (30 percent of grade) (including strength of basic arguments, use of authority to support arguments, development of arguments and appropriateness of arguments in a certiorari petition).

II. Organization of Argument (20 percent of grade) (including division of petition into sections, organization within each section and avoidance of redundancy).

III. Writing Style (20 percent of grade) (includes grammar, sentence structure, transitions between paragraphs, conclusions of paragraphs and arguments, fluidity and grace in the use of language, appropriateness of word choices).

IV. Research (10 percent of grade).

V. Miscellaneous (10 percent of grade) (includes citation form, headings and all other aspects of the certiorari petition).